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This token-stone beauty was designed and crafted by fellow token lady, Corin, of Earth Sea & Soul >> Complete with Parkway token!

Turquoise and Rusty Blue Jade are paired with wooden heishi spacers and Rosewood (for application of essential oil or blend for lasting aromatherapy benefits should you choose)!

This bracelet is 7 1/8”

Jade - protects against failure and misfortune and brings strength and longevity! .

Turquoise - The Master Healer - aides in health, protection, wisdom and communication; increases serenity, creativity, empathy, positive thinking, sensitivity, intuition and calmness. .

Rosewood - has a healing feminine energy, boosts intuitive health, clears negative energy, calming, supportive in spiritual healing and emanates compassionate and loving qualities!


Life is for the Token.  

Garden State Parkway Tokens had their time.  No two tokens have had the same journey.  Keep the conversation going with a Jersey-themed piece of time. Share your tollbooth memories and exit adventures!  Made with real Parkway tokens, collected by me.

Drive like a champion and thanks for sharing the road!