The Space Bar Pop-up Shop (Currently Popped Down)

The Space Bar was Token Jersey’s Experiential Retail space and pop-up located on Main Street in Bradley Beach, New Jersey.

Shop-goers were delighted to purchase handmade original Token Jersey items right where they were created.

Some came in for a pause from their day and to get into a Garden State of Mind. Others came to PLAY - and help develop - my Garden State Games !

The Space Bar Exterior at Night


I'm Danielle - designer, mastermind & hands behind the lifestyle brand Token Jersey. They call me token lady.

Well into my second decade of living tiny I've become quite obsessed with space. Inches were getting scarce at home, so I scored a spot on Main Street for a year.

No experience compares to this one. This shop and play space was an enormous labor of love that not only taught me countless, priceless things about life and business but also connected me to the most amazing souls in the artist and maker community.

I will miss this awesome bright spot, but I’m also super stoked to keep going ! 

    The Space Bar OPEN HOURS           POP UP TODAY!

The space was convertible - some days more of a shop, some days a studio. It had an interesting gallery / museum feel where shop-goers could peruse the growing collection of Parkway paraphernalia and chat about their exit.

The Space Bar was a safe space that encouraged people to come out to pause and play.

Look for my Garden State Games in 2024— Parkway PONG and What Exit BINGO 

Get a taste for what went on here at The Space Bar @theycallmetokenlady

And keep looking for the sunflower.