A Token Story

A TOKEN STORY  >> Remember Parkway tokens? 

 Before EZ-Pass, paying tolls on the Garden State Parkway required hitting the brakes and hand-eye coordination.  Once sold by the roll, tokens have been out of circulation since 2009.  One Jersey girl is bringing them back. 

“They call me token lady,” says New Jersey-born Danielle Hoffmann, “I was moving out of the state [again] when I came up with the idea to make an old parkway token a unique and subtle statement ring.”  

She did her share of token tossing during college and living in Connecticut before making the ring that started this whole Token Jersey thing. She began collecting while traveling across the country, residing in California and Louisiana. 

Living in Jersey once again, Danielle is still accumulating tokens, mostly donations from her *fans* !  Danielle brings her branded designs to this online store and craft / trade fairs along the East coast. 

*What Exit ?* charms are a top seller.  Parkway token on one side and exit number signs on the flip side, the charms fit on anything from keychains to necklaces.  

Token Jersey is an ongoing curation of actual tokens [parkway, arcade, drink tokens] repurposed and hand made into one-of-a-kind Jersey themed bijouterie including key chains, cuff links, bracelets and the original token ring.

Danielle is the creative mind and hands driving an emerging brand, reminding us to “share the road.”  Follow @tokenjersey on Instagram.