March Meet The Maker

  Time is the most important ingredient in my story.  Because without the passing of time and the shifting of monetary eras, there is no token lady.

Around a decade ago, I made myself a ring that quite frankly changed the trajectory of my life.  Before moving to LA from New Jersey, I had a sudden strong desire to create / recreate something as a wearable expression that was part roots, part sentimental and 100% unique. You could say it was the beginning of many life transitions. I didn’t know it when I made that first ring, but my token life had just begun.

Fast forward to launching the crowd favorite, custom What Exit # pieces, I flew the girls (tokens) down to Florida to pop up in the Snowbird Capital.  One Jersey born show-goer admiring an *Exit 82* charm was approached by another who said, “Hey we’re from Exit 82 too!” These interactions and connections are the fuel that keep me going !  Now I answer to “token lady” >> what a trip.

Hand making has played a major role in helping me find my life pace and purpose. But the REAL token story is the accumulated collection of customers’ fast and furious memories paying / scamming tolls up and down the Garden State Parkway !  Some have never even seen a token before.

This amazing journey is TRULY a marathon, not a sprint. The tokens arrive when I need them from supporters, along with all the inspiration I need to repurpose them into one-of-a-kind token wearables. 

Thank you from the center of my token Ⓞ for everyone’s continued generous donations of tokens, and for helping me inspire others to live their token life !  Drive like a champion ! #itcanwait