The Main Ingredient

TIME is my main ingredient. Without time and the evolution of technology :) there is no token lady.

Prior to moving to LA from New Jersey, a compelling desire to create some kind of a wearable expression. Had to be part roots, part sentiment, and 100% unique. Something I knew would only be recognized by true Jersey.

That first ring began what would become this token life … across the country.

A few exciting chapters later and I have tokens from all over the world !

I always knew I wanted to incorporate the now fan favorite What Exit pieces and as soon as they were born, and I flew them down to Florida to pop up in US Snowbird Capital.

Garden State visitors were comparing exits at my table - “That’s my exit too!” 

These little Jersey connections are the fuel that keep me and Token Jersey going. A reminder that not all Jersey is fuck off.  Ha ! What a ride!

Through Token Jersey popups I have accumulated some fast and furious memories up and down the great Garden State Parkway.

The real token story? This amazing journey I’m on is truly it. The tokens arrive from supporters when its time for me to make — and I repurpose them into one-of-a-kind wearable mementos. 

Even the generations who have never seen a token before are loving what I’m doing and the joyful energy doing this brings me  

Thank you, from the center of my token, for everyone’s continued generosity, donations of tokens, for cheering me on, and helping others to live their token life.

Drive kind !