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TOKEN COLLECTIVE >> Stormy Beach Days

This token-stone beauty was designed and crafted by fellow token lady, Corin, of Earth Sea & Soul >> Complete with Parkway token!

This bracelet features Amazonite along side faceted Labradorite and Sandalwood (for application of essential oil or blend for lasting aromatherapy benefits should you choose)!

Bracelet measures 7”

Amazonite - this stone of courage or stone of truth balances energy, promotes harmony and universal love and discovers truths and integrity!

Labradorite - helps discover the magic of your Spirit and it’s connection to the universe, fights of existential crisis, magical, creativity has infinite possibilities, dance to the best of your own drum and helps to remember that everyday holds new magic to discover

Sandalwood - encourages mental clarity and relaxation, calming, aides in meditation, promotes relaxation and subdues aggression!


Life is for the Token.  

Garden State Parkway Tokens had their time.  No two tokens have had the same journey.  Keep the conversation going with a Jersey-themed piece of time. Share your tollbooth memories and exit adventures!  Made with real Parkway tokens, collected by me.

Drive like a champion and thanks for sharing the road!